11 Best Free & Cheap Crm Software In 2022

The platform is “entirely web-based” and the company positions this as a positive aspect of the system. We’ve already touched on some areas where Less Annoying CRM could improve and we would love to see some automation implemented into the system – even the most basic stuff like bulk editing and notifications. The UI design is pretty basic but the simplicity and focus of the platform mean there’s no need for anything radical. So there is a certain amount of inconsistency with some of the tools but, considering how much is on offer here, ActiveCampaign achieves something truly impressive.

Best Online CRM Software

HubSpot CRM is also a top-rated CRM offering due to its simplicity, and it provides a powerful and flexible platform for small businesses. Analytical CRM is a subset of CRM where a company compiles data relating to its customer interactions to boost customer retention and satisfaction rates. You might want to look out for free trials that give you access to all software features, allowing for a full assessment and giving enough free trial days for you to get a complete sense of the product.

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This makes it easy to manage customers in every phase of the acquisition process and view in-depth analytics data for your entire business. Most CRM solutions come with features that cover functions cloud based crm like marketing automation, sales pipeline management, customer support, and many others. These functions tend to affect more than one department; hence it is vital to get their input.

Either way, the feature offering from OnePageCRM is impressive at these price points, especially with so few feature or usage restrictions between plans. As a result, the price increase across plans is modest so you’re not going to run into any drastic fee hikes when you decide to upgrade. You can compare the full set of features on each plan by visiting OnePageCRM’s pricing page and clicking on the Compare Plans link mid-way down the page. While all of these platforms score very well in our survey, they all find a slightly different balance between price and compromise. This is the key differentiator that’s going to decide which platform is best for your business and, as with most things of this nature, our top-ranking tool isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone. Towards the end of this guide, we also compare the top three CRM platforms for categories like usability, cost, features and integrations with comparison tables to help you choose the best platform for your needs.

Best Online CRM Software

You can take it a step further with Zoho’s built-in Google Ads integration, which allows you to track the efficiency of your advertising campaigns from your CRM. That level of individual attention is something that might seem lost in modern business, especially on the chronically impersonal internet. But with the right Customer Relationship Management solution, you can optimize your marketing to suit the unique needs of every customer, just like you might in a small independent business.

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A quality CRM lets you view the details of every interaction a customer has with your business, including detailed breakdowns of each purchase, inquiry, support ticket, and any other conversation they’ve had on your website or with your team. If you only want a specific functionality like customizable call popups, pipeline view, VTE currency converter, and more, you can use the extension marketplace by Vtiger. Free integrations are limited, but you will get outlook compatibility in the open source version. SuiteCRM is another solution that makes the list of our best free and open source CRM tools. This software gives you actionable insights to make more educated business decisions and create marketing strategies.

Best Online CRM Software

That means $199/monthcovers you for up to 10,000 contacts and 25 users for an all-in-one sales and marketing CRM, complete with advanced email marketing and automation features. This is by far the most advanced set of features we’ve seen in this guide but ActiveCampaign is a more serious platform altogether. On the Plus plan, you get a comprehensive suite of CRM, email, marketing, sales and customer support features powered by some of the best automation technology currently available.

The 8 Best Crms For Marketing

You also get an impressive set of features built into the CRM, including basic email marketing, prospecting and task management. Less Annoying CRM is one of the most basic tools we’re looking at today and only Octopus offers a platform that’s arguably less capable. Instead, you get a simple CRM with an equally simple pricing structure that leaves little room for confusion.

  • The fact that over 7,000,000 companies use Bitrix24 says much about the popularity of this tool.
  • It’s about creating a lasting impression that will keep all your customers engaged with your products or services and coming back for more.
  • Our first two CRM platforms didn’t offer a great deal in terms of email marketing and automation but CompanyHub aims to bring some of these features into an affordable all-in-one system.
  • To help you choose the best free marketing and sales CRM for your needs, the rest of this article looks at the top three platforms in each of the seven categories above, based on real user feedback and our own experiences.
  • You also get a personal account manager on the Advanced plan, as well as the activity control feature, which automatically alerts you if any unusual activity is detected on your LinkedIn account.

After that, you get to import your existing data, filter contacts, and invite your team members. With this plan, you will get unlimited users, contacts, and premium support, including email, chat, and phone support. Feature-wise there is a lot there for startups and new businesses, especially since they aren’t charging anything at all.

That said, HubSpot’s online community is immense and some of the members are just as good as any support you’ll receive over the phone. We accept that is part of the company’s upselling strategy but, as a user, this aspect of the experience is undeniably intrusive. While a lack of customisation can be frustrating, this helps the company maintain a consistent UX by limiting the number of changeable settings within the software. Likewise, if you don’t expect to see significant business growth and you simply want a free-forever CRM with no intention of ever paying up for more, then HubSpot can satisfy this need, too. Thankfully, the developers behind Less Annoying CRM have optimised their web app to adapt well to mobile devices and the overall cross-platform experience is very good.

Best For Customer Support & Training

Our first two CRM platforms didn’t offer a great deal in terms of email marketing and automation but CompanyHub aims to bring some of these features into an affordable all-in-one system. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Capsule offers a free plan of this quality and delivers an experience that makes it easy for new customers to start using from day one. Capsule CRM is a relatively simple CRM platform aimed at SMEs and, as we saw with OnePageCRM, this simplicity benefits the user experience when it comes to navigation, accessing features and any learning curve. Of course, there are some features held back for paid plans and the most obvious area is reporting where full access is reserved for the Teams and Enterprise plans. For example, there’s no drag-and-drop email builder for creating visual templates, which is pretty important for modern email marketing.

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management software designed for small to midsize companies. It provides a full breakdown of your sales cycle management and insight into how you can optimize your sales process to boost revenue. It offers three paid plans that start with $29/month/user and can be as high as $99/month/user. The Boost payment plan stands at $50 per user per month and adds team management features to the mix. The Pro plan (16$ per seat per month) offers a complete CRM platform to manage your sales cycle from end-to-end with powerful tools and automations.

Nutshell is a customer relations management software that provides an all-in-one growth platform for customer support, marketing automation, lead generation, and so much more. Zendesk Sell is a web and mobile-based software designed to improve operational efficiency for customer service teams, sales teams, and marketing https://globalcloudteam.com/ teams. All of the platforms we’ve looked at in this guide take a different approach to providing a free marketing and sales CRM. Ultimately, your choice comes down to which of these approaches aligns with your business plans and the key thing is to look ahead and be honest about your growth aspirations.

For the most part, EngageBay delivers a great user experience but having all of those features crammed into one platform creates the most complex navigational experience out of the tools we’ve looked at so far. CompanyHub cuts in with a competitive offering, both in terms of pricing and offering some advanced features on budget-friendly plans. If you have relatively modest needs for email marketing and automation, this could be the all-in-one system that provides everything you’re looking for.

Best For Crm & Marketing Features

These free versions bring landing pages, segmented lists, email scheduling, email templates, live chat, reporting and a wealth of features without paying a thing for marketing or sales software. With ActiveCampaign, you don’t need to worry about paying for email marketing software, a landing page builder or productivity tools to automate sales tasks – everything comes built into the same platform. That might sound expensive compared to the other platforms we’ve looked at but this fee covers you for up to 25 users while most tools are priced on a monthly, per-user basis – so $49/month for up to 25 users is a steal. Salesmate sits in the category of software that teases enterprise sales and marketing features at affordable prices. This results in a package that’s great value for money but, inevitably, incomplete if you compare it to more comprehensive options.

Hubspot Features

There are no plans, feature restrictions, pricing tiers or contracts and you can add/remove users or cancel at any time. The star of ActiveCampaign’s show is the automation technology powering its features and this is where the platform really punches above its fees. The drag-and-drop automation builder puts your entire marketing strategy at your fingertips, allowing you to trigger actions and messages at every stage of the customer journey, before and after the initial purchase. Salesmate also provides the kind of extensive online support you would hope for from an all-in-one platform like this.

While this can be pretty handy, we’re going to focus on CRMs designed for marketing from the ground up. HubSpot has an integrated dashboards collection for sales, marketing, service, and CMS to manage it all easily. To help you get more sales, there are six unique sales reports available on different factors focusing on your monthly performance. All of the contacts are kept in one centralized customizable database, making the software organized.

Sendinblue used to be a simple but powerful email marketing platform for smaller businesses but the company has expanded its platform in recent years. It’s difficult to critique HubSpot’s free CRM on the basis that we’re specifically looking at free and low-cost platforms in this article. HubSpot offers so much for nothing that you can’t really complain, especially when you compare it to the other options available for free. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find a better free CRM than HubSpot’s and the company throws in a lot of free marketing, sales and support features across its products. On another note entirely, it’s interesting that Less Annoying CRM promotes the cross-device experience as a key selling point of the platform, despite the fact there are no mobile apps to speak of.

The only real downside is that you’re going to need this time to get used to the system and EngageBay doesn’t offer a great deal of help with online documentation or in-app guides to help you navigate its platforms. There are 42 features listed under marketing on the company’s website and 26 of these are available on the free plan. So CompanyHub does listen to its customers and demonstrate a willingness to improve, which is always good to see from a software company. Hopefully, this is something we’ll see added in the near future and CompanyHub does have a good track record of listening to customer feedback and adding new features. CompanyHub delivers a quality user experience with an intuitive UI and plenty of drag-and-drop interfaces to help you complete actions faster. The overall experience isn’t quite as clean or smooth as Capsule CRM but you would still put CompanyHub among the top CRMs for usability.

It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media, and facilitates team communication. The CRM platform you choose should provide reliable customer support that’s easily accessible across multiple channels. Ensure there is provision for live chat, email, and phone support for technical assistance if you need it. Its pricing begins at $52/user/month, with a minimum of three users, and can cost as high as $1000 per month. NetHunt CRM is an all-in-one cloud-based CRM system for all your sales processes, from managing customer data to sales forecasting.

A good free CRM should be able to offer a minimal learning curve, especially when your team is using a CRM software for the first time. This means the users should be able to grasp the interface quickly and get started in no time.Features and flexibilityThe next big thing to consider are the features you are looking for. For instance, some new companies have 1-2 users to handle customer relations, but others might have more people working on different aspects of customer relationship building. Thus, for the latter cases, you might want to find a free CRM that offers an unlimited number of users. Feedback and reports are important for building solid, long-term relationships with your clients and close more deals.CustomizabilitySince we are talking about open source CRM software, we cannot possibly skip out on the customizability aspect. Most of the time, you’ll have to pay for additional customizability, but some options offer it for free.Easy to grasp pricingThe last factor to consider for your free and open source CRM is the upgrade charges.

The UI design is both intuitive and responsive while the consistent quality of HubSpot’s tools is unrivalled. This should be more than enough to spark early growth without paying any monthly fees but you quickly reach a point where feature limitations hold you back and you’re forced to look at paid plans. HubSpot is the only major software provider to offer a free-forever CRM for unlimited contacts and a bunch of free tools thrown in to help you drive early business growth.

The cornerstone of HubSpot is its unlimited teams feature that allows to add multiple users and build a better team. An operational CRM is an approach to customer relationship management designed to improve business processes and securely store customer and prospect data on all your business activities. The key features of an operational CRM are to help businesses measure, analyze, and tailor their customer journey in real-time. More than just a CRM, this all-in-one work OS boasts all the tools you need to manage every aspect of your work, from your projects to your customer interactions. Whether you need to streamline your sales pipeline, want to create a marketing campaign process, run a robust CRM, or build a project management tracker, we can confidently recommend Monday.com. Pipedrive’s design approach to simplifying the sales and marketing CRM into a pipeline management tool would make it easy to scrimp on reporting and claim it’s all part of the simplicity ethos.

In this regard, Less Annoying CRM delivers for its target customers and this is more important than any of our criticisms. Less Annoying CRM is one of the few providers that prioritises the essentials for micro-businesses. In reality, these reports are purely representative so you’re not triggering or automating any responses other than updating statuses. What’s missing is a dedicated transactional email system that allows you to manage email payments, accounts and transactional data. So there is room for improvement, here and there, but we’re talking about fine details and really looking for faults. If managing deals through phone calls and text messages is important to your business, this is a major selling point for Salesmate.

Last but not least is to read online reviews from the customers of the software you might be considering. The first is to ask colleagues, peers, and other business owners what CRM tools they use and their experience. Focus on the pros and cons and if they would recommend the CRM system to you or not, and the reasons behind their decision.

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