Full Stack Developer Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

On the other hand, full stack developers go for a breadth-of-knowledge. Instead of spending all of their time on frontend or backend development, full stack engineers learn how to work on all parts, and understand how it all works together. This module includes projects where you will learn how to manipulate the https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/javascript-full-stack-developer-nodejsreactjs/ DOM, use object-oriented programming principles, and fetch real-world data using APIs. To be an effective full-stack developer, you should acquire and continue upgrading your knowledge of applicable programming language skills. Consider taking courses in relevant languages like Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The test can be conducted as part of the pre-screening process. You can easily administer the test to more than one candidate at the same time. The online test can be taken up by candidates in different geographical locations too. While large companies depend on dedicated front-end and back-end developers for working on various projects, a full stack developer’s services are important for startups also. Recruiting a front-end developer can be a challenging task, but if you have the right tools, you can cut down on the time and effort invested in finding the right talent. So, as we all know, full-stack web development is quite popular, and there are lots of jobs waiting for you in this domain.

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These back-end services may need to connect to databases, another back-end technology, to retrieve and update stored data. Another great application of MeritTrac’s assessment solutions is for workforce development. You can make use of the full stack developer test to ascertain the skills of your current developers. The test results can easily help you identify employees who exhibit skills in both front-end and back-end development. Special training programs can be curated for such employees to help them acquire strong skills in full stack development. This way, you can hire full stack developers from within your organisation and do not have to spend time and money on finding resources from elsewhere.

  • I lead off interviews with “Is JavaScript a good programming language?
  • If you’re thinking about becoming a web developer, why haven’t you started pursuing your dream?
  • Well, that’s true – according to Indeed the average salary of a full-stack developer ranges at $107,750/yr.
  • React is a popular JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces (both web and mobile) and single-page applications.
  • A full stack developer must have a strong understanding of JavaScript in order to create websites and applications that are both dynamic and user-friendly.
  • Spring is useful in writing monoliths, serverless applications, microservices, event-driven, and reactive.

If you aren’t already using Node.js, then you have to invest the time to learn it. Application developers typically don’t have much free time, so if they intend to learn a new tool, it needs to be simple to pick up. The vast majority of developers are already familiar with JavaScript. Interviews for tech-related roles often include a technical portion. During this part of the interview, you may be asked to complete a live coding exercise, design challenge, or take-home assessment.

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Our ideal candidate has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and experience with various other languages, including SQL for database development. You should also be comfortable using the AngularJS and hibernate frameworks for your front-end development and automation servers like Jenkins. The qualifications needed for a career as a full stack Java developer include a bachelor’s degree in a computer science field and expert skills in web development.

In web application and software architecture development, you’ll work on designing the components involved in the architecture of a web application. Each database has its own characteristics and is utilized according to the application requirement. A full stack developer needs a database to fulfill the requirement of developing an application.

Identify the Skills You Need to Learn

So, in this article, I will try to give a complete roadmap on how you can become a full-stack developer. Unfortunately, most companies do devote resources or time to the extensive continued education effort required by full-stack developers. Instead, you will be expected to find your own learning materials and continue your education in your free time. HTMLHTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages. A full stack developer must have a strong understanding of HTML in order to create user interfaces that are both effective and easy to use. React is a popular JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces (both web and mobile) and single-page applications.

JavaScript Full-stack developer

DEV Community — A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. A difference between a library and a framework is that a framework makes you write code in a certain structure. Alright, have a nice time trying these tools out and sticking with the needed ones. Until next time, if you find this article useful and would love to see more of this, you can support me by becoming a Patron. But a farmer with his tools but has no idea how it works is yet another dumb man.

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And don’t forget the V8 engine, which increases Node.js’s overall speed and performance, which are extra important for real-time applications. First is the Google V8 engine, which powers lightning-fast conversion of JavaScript to machine code. Google’s dedication to the V8 engine assures developers that there will be frequent updates and ongoing performance improvements.

JavaScript Full-stack developer

The effectiveness of worker threads is still up in the air, and Node is working to improve the tool’s capabilities. First, it reduces the amount of memory needed to deal with large files. Second, it allows data processing to begin immediately on receipt of the first piece of data, rather than waiting until the entire package is transmitted. Here we step through just a few of the features that help set Node.js apart from the crowd.


There are also web development frameworks for back-end code, and it definitely helps to know those also. Any developer should also learn version control, and the most popular version control system is Git. Version control allows a team of developers to commit code to the same project without overwriting existing code. Full-stack developers must know basic front-end languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and essential phases of front-end development. Moreover, they should know at least one front-end framework (React, Angular, Vuejs, jQuery, Backbonejs). They must be well informed with front-end development and continuously search for new things and updates.

Prepare answers beforehand that show how you deal with stress, work disagreements, or challenges in daily life. Read up on the most common behavioral questions so that you’re not caught off guard. Prepare for each type by completing code challenges within a 30- to 40-minute timeframe.

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